From stressed out and overwhelmed to confident boss in 10 weeks!

Your go-to course for building a sustainable business and feeling like an empowered and in control CEO.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Do you feel like other entrepreneurs seem to have it all together and you're still stuck trying to figure out what you're supposed to do next?

Are you tired of never really knowing what you need to do to build a sustainable business?

Worried that there is something missing in your biz? Like the legal or financial stuff? ...Ready to be a confident CEO!

Are you struggling with wasting so much time & energy trying to figure out how to run a business? Because let's be real - I know you still have clients to serve! Who has time to figure out the approximately 700 other things a CEO needs to know?

You're beginning to wonder if all the stuff you've heard about how hiring a coach can change your business is true or if everyone's secretly still as overwhelmed as you are (#stressedAF).

Be real for a minute-are you tired of downloading a million different freebies, spending every minute on google, and watching all the free masterclasses that say they're going to help you start a business only to feel like you never actually figured out the steps to make it work for YOU or gave you the resources you needed? (Been there, felt that). It's time for a change, and we're making it happen!

Did I read your mind or what? It's fine, don't worry. I got you!

CEO Starter Studio is your solution!

Stop feeling stuck and overwhelmed with your business!


You'll figure out how to build a sustainable business and finally have the support and resources you've been craving to help transform you from solo to confident CEO.

Client testimonial

Don't just take it from me though! Here's what a past client had to say about working together on her business!

- Helena

6 Figure Beauty Boss

Here's what can happen when you say "HELL YES"

Imagine if you had a step-by-step plan to take you from confused and overwhelmed solopreneur to empowered, confident boss of a future empire in just 10 weeks.

Picture this: it's Sunday night, you're relaxing and getting ready for the week and you know exactly what you need to get done. You're enjoying a quiet evening at home, no stress, no Sunday scaries in sight.

Close your eyes and imagine your life if you could FINALLY build a business you didn't have to constantly worry about something going wrong in because you don't know WTF youre doing. Now open your eyes - because it's your new reality.

Imagine if instead of choosing between working 24/7 to figure out how to build a business and spending time with your family (or pup! or know, pre-covid) you had the time and energy for both - because sacrifices shouldn't come in the form of isolation (and they don't have to!).

Hi! My name is Kelli Jones

I'm a business lawyer and  mentor. I have a virtual law firm, but I'm based out of NY! All of my clients are entrepreneurs. While helping them with the legal side of their business, I realized that learning how to build a sustainable business isn't always widely known and easily accessible!

My goal is to help new entrepreneurs learn how to build their business from the ground up without wanting to bang their head against the wall day after day.

We'll set up a strong foundation so your business will last and begin to grow.

Let's get all of the details out of the way:

This is a 10 week mentorship course designed to take you from solo to CEO of your business.

There will be weekly 1:1 calls so you can get all of the high-touch support you need as you're building and growing your business!

There will be pre-recorded material for each course module released on a weekly basis, so you're not too overwhelmed but can still watch at your own convenience.

We will communicate through voxer to check-in, share wins, and answer questions. Tons of support so you never feel like you're left hanging all the way until our next call.

Oh, and did I mention - once you complete the course, you'll still have access to the course material, so you can always refer back to it.

What are the course modules like?

Did someone say BONUS? It's me. I'm saying it!

ALL of my Legal Contract Templates are included. Yup, all of them. Everything you need to start, grow, and scale your businesss.

Tons of easy-to-use templates from canva for creating enticing lead magnets in minutes!

Resources to help keep you organized, set-up systems in your business, create a content calendar with ease + more!

Basic financial must-have spreadsheets so your CPA doesn't run away from you when taxes are due.

Email me:!

Still have questions? Let's chat!