An interactive workshop

Do the words "SYSTEMS" and "OPERATIONS" sound scary to you?

Do you need more organization in your business?

Are all of your notes & lists in different places?

If you answered "yes" to any of those... you might need Trello in your business! (and tbh, your life).

Trello is a free project management tool that can help run your business. The magic of Trello is that you can visually see both the day-to-day stuff to do in your biz, but also the big picture stuff! 

There's a lot that you can do with Trello and there's even more that Trello can do for you by adding some automation.

Here are a few ways Trello can help:

Keep your content ideas & content calendar all in one place.

Oversee your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks... and even any future tasks or projects.

Manage your onboarding, lead generation, and client work all in an easy-to-view manner.

Keep track of what is going on in all branches of your business (financial, marketing, sales, etc).

Share a board with team members so delegating is easy.

See?! This is just the start. There's a reason Trello users are Trello lovers! (It might also be my enneagram 1 love of organizing things though)

Hi! My name is Kelli Jones

I'm a business lawyer and mentor. I have a virtual law firm, but I'm based out of NY! All of my clients are entrepreneurs. While helping them with the legal side of their business, I realized that learning how to build a sustainable business isn't always widely known and easily accessible!

Part of building a sustainable business is being able to MANAGE IT like a BOSS!

That's where Trello comes in!

Ok, I need to learn Trello! What are the details?

This will be an INTERACTIVE 2.5-hour workshop!

Come with your Trello account created and be ready to start implementing during the workshop.

We're going to start with the basics, but then dive deeper into how you can add automation to your Trello with power-ups and Zapier!

Time for questions so we can make sure you have ideas on how to manage YOUR unique business!

You will receive copies of my most-used Trello templates that I've created myself:

Content Organizer

Client Onboarding & Client Services Workflows

Weekly Organizer Workflow


This workshop will be offered on 2 dates with limited spots for each.

6:30pm-9pm EST




1pm-3:30pm EST




*Replay will be available but showing up live (on zoom) is how you will get the most value!